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Each issue of British Columbia Fruit Grower Magazine is filled with timely, accurate features on horticultural and marketing trends. Its mission is to keep readers attuned to the technological trends, the politics, the people and the events that shape this valuable industry, both locally and globally.

The BC Fruit Grower is published quarterly, with material appropriate to the season. Sustained by advertising from industry suppliers, the magazine is distributed by Canada Post free to growers, researchers, government agencies, and anyone else with a stake or interest in the long-term success of this industry.

Regular features include a snapshot of what producers can expect on the marketing side, and there's a calendar of upcoming events, workshops, meetings, celebrations and other activities they might want to attend. You're welcome to make submissions (Sorry, no guarantees. They'll be published as space allows). Also invited are story ideas, criticisms and compliments. (Oh, yes, lots of those. We'll find the space.)

The magazine is also a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions. But try to be nice. Keep your letters brief and to the point.